Funders and Partners

Program Funders


Provide primary funding for the program including coordination activities, program implementation, and fees (web hosting).

City of Medford

The City of Medford provides financial and in-kind support to the program through it's Clean Water Act Implementation Programs.  Public Works staff are the primary City representatives and serve on the Advisory Team.

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The City of Central Points Public Works Department serves on the Advisory Committee and also provides funding as part of the implementation activities of their Clean Water Act programs (TMDL and MS4 Programs).

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Jackson Soil and Water Conservation District (JASWCD) provides financial support to the Salmon Watch program.  In addition, JASWCD staff assist with programs including teaching Salmon Watch Modules and attending Advisory Committee meetings.

The Rogue Valley Council of Governments (RVCOG) coordinates the Stream Smart Program including the website and social media on behalf of the funders.  RVCOG also coordinates or co-coordinates the Salmon Watch program, and the Bear Creek and Rogue Clean-ups.

Rogue Valley Sewer Services (RVSS) co-coordinates the Salmon Watch program and also serves as a member of the Advisory Team.


Provide donations and in-kind support for the program ($1,000 or less).


Provide mostly in-kind support by offering programs and activities, teaching Salmon Watch modules, providing equipment, use of facilities, supplies, and other donations.