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The Stream Smart program is a public awareness campaign conducted by a regional educational collaborative consisting of local municipalities (cities and counties), local agencies, watershed councils, soil and water conservation districts, and others in the Rogue Basin to teach about keeping our local streams clean and providing specific actions people can do to improve water quality. The website and other outreach materials provide ways one can help protect streams and the Rogue River at your own home, business, or farm.

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Stream Smart Logo

Feel free to print out this post card size handout for distribution at your events.
Stream Smart Postcard-size Handout

This QR code can be added to materials and when used with a QR code reader (available as a smart phone app) will take one directly to Stream Smart home page.
Stream Smart QR Code

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Our Stream Smart team is developing Education and Marketing tools to help spread the Stream Smart: Cool, Clean Water for Life message. Here are some examples of our materials.

Pledge Postcards can be used as mailers or handouts at public events: Combined Pledge card   Pet Waste Pledge card side 1   Pet Waste Pledge card side 2   Planting Pledge card side 1   Planting Pledge card side 2   Pervious Pledge card side 1   Pervious Pledge card side 2

Poo Bag Dispensers and Stickers branded with the Stream Smart logo can be used as promotional materials

Radio Spot as an attention getter: Radio Spot

Facebook Pages can share our message through social media. Follow us on our Facebook Page

Logo can help us brand our message: Stream Smart Logo

Press Kit Flyer illustrates the measurable results of our outreach: Press Kit Flyer PDF   Press Kit Flyer page 1 JPG   Press Kit Flyer page 2 JPG

If you want more information about the Stream Smart program, please contact us at:

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