What is Stream Smart?

Stream Smart Is.....

  • A voluntary education collaborative in the Rogue Basin.
  • A community resource for watershed stewardship, water quality, education, and restoration.
  • A hub for information, volunteer opportunities, pledges, and how you can help at home

Overview Philosophy

Stream Smart is an educational campaign developed to increase awareness of the choices we make every day and how they impact our local streams and rivers. Simple habit or behavior changes can lead to healthy watershed. Anyone can make Stream Smart choices at home to help. Choices can be as simple as picking up after your pet, or more complex by creating walk ways and driveways with porous materials (materials that allow water to drain through), or by planting native trees by streams and rivers to provide shade and cool the water. All of these actions work to help reduce water pollution and improve water quality conditions. By providing information and tools that individuals need to make Stream Smart choices, we help to empower everyone to do their part to turn our streams from brown to blue — change starts with you.