The Bear Creek Greenway Guide is Live!

The Bear Creek Greenway Guide is Live!

Thanks to funding provided by the Carpenter Foundation and the Mace Watchable Wildlife Foundation and the help of many partners and the community, we were able to complete the Bear Creek Greenway Guide Application (App) using the ESRI Storymaps Platform. The app is available for free and is accessible online through the following link ( If location features are enabled on your mobile device, the app will show you where you are on the trail and if there are points of interest nearby.  We are approaching 150 points of interest with more to come as we update the Guide on an ongoing basis.  We are asking for user feedback and suggestions on the look and feel of the app by emailing

The app is an update and extension of the original trail guide published in 1996 and updated in 2000. The Guide was printed booklet created to increase awareness, understanding, and appreciation of the unique history, habitats, and organisms found on the Greenway and Bear Creek riparian corridor. The app was created as an update and expansion of the guide that would be available to everyone provide a free web-based application that could be downloaded and accessed while you are on the trail.  The app fills in information on the sections of the trail that were not built when the original guide was published and it also provides updated sites to reflect how conditions have changed over the last 20 years.  identified points have designated numbers and descriptions of what makes them a point of interest including flora and fauna, art, history, culture, restoration, viewpoints, and other information.  Enabling the location services of your mobile device allows you to see where you are and what points are located nearby.

Future phases of the project will include continued addition and revision of points, potential markers on the trail and other features.


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