Success Stories

Stream Smart partners build success through collaboration. Examples of success stories include Salmon Watch, Community Clean-ups in Jackson and Josephine County, Volunteer fire restoration activities, and the Regional Water Quality monitoring program conducted under the Clean Water Act’s Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) Program.

Salmon Watch (2020-2021 stats)

  • 6 hybrid session conducted (zoom and in field ). 300 students participated.
  • 12 field days (in person). 450 students participated.
  • Volunteer instructors from the Rogue Valley Council of Governments (RVCOG), Jackson Soils and Water Conservation District, the Freshwater Trust, Bureau of Land Management, the City of Central Point, and Rogue Riverkeeper.
  • Financial and/or in kind support from local TMDL and Phase II Stormwater Programs, the Gray Family Foundation, and Oregon State Parks.

Regional Water Quality Monitoring Program

In 1992, local communities in Bear Creek began a comprehensive monitoring program as part of their implementation actions under the Clean Water Act (CWA) . The long term goal of the CWA is to make all waters fishable and swimmable. The monitoring program is conducted by RVCOG and monitors streams and storm drains throughout the watershed. The data collected is used to monitor stream health, to evaluate long term trends, evaluate the impacts of implementation (improvement) efforts, and for education and outreach.

Stream Public Notices

During the summer months, Stream Smart partners as part of the Regional Monitoring Program publish information regarding the health of streams based on the sampling results. While ONLY ADVISORY, the notices provide information to the public regarding where streams are monitored and when sampling results exceed water quality standards.

Water Quality Report Card