Spring Cleaning

As spring is upon us, we turn our attention to cleaning up streams and rivers, focusing primarily on Bear Creek and the Rogue River. Several times each year, Stream Smart volunteers give back to our local waterways by removing trash, controlling invasive weeds, and planting native trees and shrubs. Our nearby creeks and rivers provide important habitat for a variety of aquatic plants and animals, and the adjacent riparian areas benefit other kinds of wildlife. Additionally, these waterways are esthetically valuable and allow us to enjoy all sorts of recreational activities. Therefore, it’s vital that we give back to these creeks and rivers, acting as Stream Smart stewards.


On April 20th, 2024, Stream Smart, in collaboration with the Bear Creek Stewards, hosted Bear Creek Stewardship Day. This biannual clean-up and restoration event occurs every April (in celebration of Earth Day) and September (in celebration of National Public Lands Day). Over 100 volunteers flock to the Bear Creek Greenway from Central Point to Ashland to participate in activities that benefit both Bear Creek and the surrounding riparian areas. Within a short time span, several tons of trash are recovered from the Bear Creek Greenway and Bear Creek itself, invasive plants are removed, natives are planted, pollinator gardens are weeded, bird nesting boxes are installed or cleaned out, and other activities are completed. Bear Creek Stewardship Day is a tremendous success thanks to volunteers like you!


If you would like to join Stream Smart volunteers on an upcoming clean-up and restoration event, consider registering for the 32nd Annual Rogue River Clean-Up & Let’s Pull Together! event on Saturday, May 18th, 2024, from 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM. This big event takes place within the recreational section of the Rogue River, with check-in at Hog Creek County Park. Come join us on foot or by raft to remove trash and invasive weeds from along the Rogue River and its tributaries. After the work is done, enjoy a free lunch and listen to live music at Indian Mary County Park. To register, visit: www.stream-smart.com and click on “Sign up for the Rogue River Clean-Up HERE!” on the home page.


We look forward to growing our Stream Smart volunteer group and stewarding our local waterways! Let’s do our part to turn our streams from brown to blue – change starts with you!

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