Reenvisioning Restoration

In 2019, following the Penninger fire in Central Point, restoration practitioners came together to form the Bear Creek Restoration Initiative (BCRI).  BCRI members had collectively been working on restoration for decades, but realized that strategies were changing and an adaptive restoration approach that included fire resiliency, recreation, public safety, a changing climate, managing invasive species, and other factors in addition to building habitat for wildlife, fish, and aquatic species, and protecting water quality was needed.  The 2020 Almeda and Central Point reinforced the need for an updated strategy.  In 2023, the BCRI worked with a technical team funded by EPA as part of the Wildfire Recovery Assistance Program for Oregon to create a Natural Resources Plan for Bear Creek that incorporates strategies that address the factors mentioned above.  The concepts in the plan ( are being expanded across the entire length of the Bear Creek Corridor.

BCRI is a voluntary collaborative that seeks to improve and restore Bear Creek's riparian corridor considering ecological and social factors. For more information on the Initiative, visit

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