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Reenvisioning Restoration

In 2019, following the Penninger fire in Central Point, restoration practitioners came together to form the Bear Creek Restoration Initiative (BCRI).  BCRI members had collectively been working on restoration for decades, but realized that strategies were changing and an adaptive restoration approach that included fire resiliency, recreation, public safety, a changing climate, managing invasive species,... Continue reading

Planting for Success! Plant Native Species in Fall or Late Winter/Early Spring

Trickle, trickle. Splash, splash! Cold, clear water is vital to the survival of native salmonids and other aquatic species in our local streams and the Rogue River. Local restoration practitioners incorporate multiple strategies to improve water quality and stream temperature including restoring stream banks with native trees and shrubs in this area called the riparian... Continue reading

The Bear Creek Greenway Guide is Live!

Thanks to funding provided by the Carpenter Foundation and the Mace Watchable Wildlife Foundation and the help of many partners and the community, we were able to complete the Bear Creek Greenway Guide Application (App) using the ESRI Storymaps Platform. The app is available for free and is accessible online through the following link ( Continue reading