Take The Pledge And Make A Change Today

The Stream Smart Pledge gives families, businesses and municipalities a chance to prevent water pollution by making simple changes around the house, the office, and places of business. The Pledge is a voluntary program that encourages watershed residents to make choices to protect the water quality in Bear Creek and the Rogue River.

There are many actions each of us can do to improve water quality. Your choices can make a difference. Below are four simple steps to reduce our impact on our watershed. Each one of these actions will reduce pollutants entering our streams and rivers in a real and measurable way.

  • Plant trees and protect vegetation, and you will improve stream health and keep stream temperatures lower.
  • Use materials on your property which allow rainwater to soak into the ground (infiltrate), and you will lower the amount of runoff and pollutants.
  • Dispose of animal waste properly, and you will reduce pathogens (bacteria).
  • Follow best management practices while using pesticides, and you will reduce the amount of chemicals.

Click the action boxes below to take the Stream Smart Pledge, and make a change to be Stream Smart! 

Planting Pledge

You can help care for a stream by planting and maintaining native trees and shrubs. Pledge to plant or protect shade for streams.

Pervious Materials

If you are installing a driveway or path, there are surface choices which are better for water quality. Learn more and pledge here.

Pet Poop

All those little piles left on the ground can add bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens to our streams. Pledge to scoop the poop.


We all need to work together to reduce pesticide use in the Rogue River Basin. Pesticides have been found in water samples from creeks entering the Rogue River.

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