This page highlight resources available produced by the Stream Smart Program, its members, partners, and others.


Programs and Resource List

Pledge Cards

  1. Go Native! English and Spanish
  2. When it Rains, It Drains! English and Spanish
  3. Scoop the Poop! English and Spanish
  4. Parting with Pesticides! English and Spanish

Other Brochures

Storm Drains

Erosion Prevention and Sediment Control for Contractors (Coming Soon!)

Restoring and Protecting Streamside and Riverside (Riparian) Areas

Restoring regional creeks and rivers is a main goal of the Stream Smart program.  Healthy riparian areas provide shade, habitat, and many other benefits to fish and and aquatic life, as well as the people who live in the Rogue Basin.

Stream Smart members use the resources to help restore and protect streams and rivers.

Bear Creek Natural Resources Plan

Bear Creek and Rogue Basin Riparian Planting Plan

Restoring Riparian Habitats in Southern Oregon and Northern California: A Guide for Private Landowners Version 1.0

Riparian Ordinances in the Rogue Basin (Courtesy of the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife)

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Managing Urban Runoff (Stormwater)

How we manage runoff from impervious surfaces (rooftops, parking lots, streets) can have a big impact on local waterways and watershed health.  There are many strategies that can be implemented on both a small (at home) or larger scale in the community that can reduce the amount of pollution in runoff and the amount of water that enters the creeks that could contribute to flooding.

OSU Rain Garden Guide

City of Grants Pass Stormwater Design Manual 

Manual Link

Rogue Valley Stormwater Quality Design Manual 

Manual Link

Planting for Stormwater Quality

Planting For Stormwater Quality

Fires and Wildfire

With decades of smoke from forest fires, more recent larger fires in urban areas (2019 (Peninger) and 2020 (Almeda and Obenchain)), and impacts of a changing climate, fires have become a reality that we experience on every year,  The resources below will help with understanding some basics about fires and will be updated periodically with information about defensible space and other topics.

Other Resources