Rogue Basin Salmon Watch

The Salmon Watch Program, created by Oregon Trout in 1993, connects students with local creeks and rivers through a program that focuses on activities centered around Salmon. The program includes in-class curriculum, service-learning projects, and culminates in a field day where the students complete a number of hands-on activities in the field by a local creek or river. The activities focus on the following modules for the program: salmon biology/salmon life cycles, water quality, macroinvertebrates, and riparian systems. Other modules and activities can be substituted as needed. Local experts, including professional fish biologists, hydrologists, botanists, and educators, participate in the program and share their knowledge and experience by teaching programs at the field days.

Programs are held in Jackson and Josephine County, and we are working to hold classes in Curry County, as well. Field locations currently include (or have included) Valley of the Rogue State Park, McGregor Park, Bear Creek Park, Coyote Trails Nature Center, Palmerton Park, and Cantrall Buckley Park.

Partners in the program that provide in kind support, funding, or other assistance include communities, watershed councils, non-governmental organizations, Land Conservancies, Council of Governments, local utilities (water commission and Rogue Valley Sewer Services), educational organizations, and local, state, and federal agencies.

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Current Program Coordinators

Greg Stabach, Rogue Valley Council of Governments

Frances Oyung, Rogue Valley Sewer Services

Salmon Watch Program Fall 2021

We are excited to be offering a full field session in the Fall of 2021. Support for the program is provided by volunteers, local Clean Water Act Programs (TMDL and NPDES Phase II Stormwater), and grant funding from Jackson Soil and Water Conservation District. We are currently recruiting instructors for the program, interest from local schools to be on our program update mailing list, and establishing program dates and field locations.

Important Dates for Fall 2021

Instructor Training – September 14th and 16th at Bear Creek Park

Salmon Watch Program Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 Summary

Spring 2021 Program Statistics

  • 750 students participated
  • 5 virtual sessions
  • 12 field days
  • Programs held at Bear Creek Park, Tou Velle State Park, and Scenic Middle School
  • Volunteer Instructors and in-kind provided by the Rogue Valley council of Governments, Rogue Valley Sewer Services, Jackson Soil and Water Conservation District, the Bureau of Land Management, Rogue RiverKeeper, the Freshwater Trust, the City of Central Point, Oregon State Parks, and the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife.
  • Major funding contributions comes from local communities water quality programs (NPDES Phase II Stormwater and Total Maximum Daily Load)

Salmon Watch Program Summary 2019

Thanks for another successful season! With generous funding from the Gray Family Foundation, eighteen partners worked together to provide no-cost field trips to students in the Rogue Basin; bringing students into the field to learn about their home watersheds.

# of Students Served: 1490+

# of Classes Participating: Approximately 48

# of Schools Participating: 18

# of Field Days: 27

# of Individual Instructors Contributing: 30

For more details, check out the Salmon Watch 2019 Wrap-Up.

Program Video (2015)


Resources and Web Links


Volunteer Resource Packet (Streamweb)

Data Sheets (from Streamweb)

Full Curriculum including classroom portion from World Salmon Council

Dissection Materials (courtesy of ODFW)

Web Links

Link to Salmon Watch Resources on the World Salmon Council Website

Link to Resources including Salmon Watch on Stream Webs

Upcoming Meetings and Events

Salmon Watch Classes

Instructor Training in September 14 and 16th at Bear Creek Park

Classes beginning in late September 2021 and going through October 2021

Classes will be implemented following current social distancing guidelines.