Rogue Basin Salmon Watch

Rogue Basin Salmon Watch Program Overview

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The kids who I chaperoned were absolutely inspired by the experience. It was so well organized, hands on and just perfect for making the information really mean something to the students, all of it very accessible for each student to integrate into their own personal knowledge bank, good amount of time at the different stations and excellent opening and closing circle content."

The Rogue Basin Salmon Watch program teaches students about watershed health and the importance of riparian areas, water quality conditions, macroinvertebrate populations, and other factors important to our native salmon and other aquatic species. The Rogue Basin Salmon Watch program hosts field trips for students on local creeks and rivers in the Fall when both the Spring and Fall Chinook are instream. Local experts, including professional fish biologists, hydrologists, botanists, and educators, participate in the program and share their knowledge and experience by teaching programs at the field days. We also offer in-class programs, volunteer activities (e.g., planting of native species and removal of invasive species), instructor training, and partnerships for service-learning projects. Program coordination is provided by the Rogue Valley Council of Governments (RVCOG) Natural Resources Department and Rogue Valley Sewer Services (RVSS).

Programs are offered in Jackson and Josephine counties, and we are working with partners to coordinate classes in other parts of the Rogue Basin. Field locations for the 2023 program included the Rogue River at McGregor Park, Tou Velle State Recreation Site, Bear Creek at Cascade Christian High School, and Reinhart Volunteer Park.

Major funding for the program comes from local communities (Ashland, Talent, Phoenix, Medford, Central Point, Jacksonville, Grants Pass) and counties (Jackson and Josephine) as part of their Clean Water Act Programs. Other partners that provide in-kind support, funding, or other assistance include watershed councils, non-governmental organizations, land conservancies, council of governments, local utilities (water commission and Rogue Valley Sewer Services), educational organizations, and local, state, and federal agencies.

The staff were knowledgeable, great at redirecting and holding attention of the students and they obviously are all passionate about this important topic. What a gift to the community to educate children in this way and what a gift to our local ecosystem. All of the children in the group I was with left the field trip with the sentiment that they would do everything they could to help the salmon and the salmon habitat through both their actions and sharing the information with others."

For program information including available program days, interest in being added to the program list, or being an instructor, contact info(at) or click on a contact below.

Current Program Coordinators:

Amie Siedlecki, Rogue Valley Council of Governments

Greg Stabach, Rogue Valley Council of Governments

Alex Galluzzo, Rogue Valley Sewer Services

Ben Poaster, Rogue Valley Sewer Services

2023 Activity Photos

Fall 2023 Statistics

  • Biggest Program to date - over 1,700 students participated
  • Representatives from 21 different organizations provided in-kind program support
  • 4 new organizations/agencies participated
  • Continued financial support from local communities (Ashland, Talent, Phoenix, Medford, Central Point. Jacksonville and Grants Pass) and Counties (Jackson and Josephine County)
  • Additional financial support provided by Jackson Soil and Water Conservation District

Resources and Information for Schools and Instructors

General Information

Data Sheets (from Streamweb)

Full Curriculum including classroom portion from World Salmon Council

Dissection Materials (courtesy of ODFW)


Other Resources

Salmon Specific Materials



Spawning Video

CCHS Instream

10th Street

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