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Rogue Basin Reservoir Levels

Recent press releases from the Army Corps of Engineers have suggested that with all of the late precipitation (Spring 2022) that there is plenty of water in the Rogue Basin.  While it is true that the Corps facilities are over 90% full as of June 20th, 2022, it doesn’t tell the full story.

For the Corps, Lost Creek Lake is 94% full and Applegate is 90% resulting in their projects being 93% full for the basin (levels published on the website for June 20th, 2022).  For the rest of the basin, with the exception of Agate Lake, reservoirs are between 7 and 50% full.  Overall for the basin, as of June 19th, the rest of the reservoirs are on 28% full for the basin based on the BOR Hydromet data.

Please see the links below for the most up to date reservoir data:

Bureau of Reclamation Hydromet

Army Corps of Engineers