Help us be part of the “change” for clean water. Join us by rounding up your purchases at the Ashland Food Co-op in June.

Help support programs that clean up and protect Bear Creek and the Rogue River!

Stream Smart - a clean water project was thrilled to be selected as the June 2024 recipient of the Ashland Co-op's Change for Good program. Your donations will help support our educational programs and volunteer activities including the Bear Creek and Rogue River Clean-ups, Adopt-A-River, Adopt-A-Greenway, and Salmon Watch. Visit to learn more!

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Program and Activity Photos

What is Stream Smart?

Stream Smart is an educational and volunteer based program that promotes awareness of everyday choices and how those choices may impact our local streams and rivers. Simple habit or behavior changes can make a big difference. Stream Smart empowers everyone to do their part to turn our streams from brown to blue – change starts with you!

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