Introduction to Geocaching

Are you looking for something fun to do to get outside and explore your neighborhood? Are you interested in learning more about unique features in Region? Do you like scavenger hunts? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then geocaching might be for you!

Geocaching is the world’s largest scavenger hunt. Participants hide and seek “geocaches” or “caches” at locations all over the world or even out of this world (there is one located in space on the International Space Station). Geocaches can be of varying sizes and containers, and may contain prizes, trackers, and logbooks. In addition, geocaches can lead you to points of interest or have puzzles for you to solve. Participants follow a series of clues to locate the caches and document finding a cache in the logbooks (usually in the geocache and online).

Can you find any of the numerous Stream Smart geocaches located in and around the Rogue Basin, including one of the newest ones established at Forest Park near the Jacksonville Dam (GC8MCZT)? Visit to learn more about this cache, the history of the dam, and other unique sites around the City.

Stream Smart Geocaches (User – FWPCA1)

  • Where Does My Water Go? (GC8NMRY)
  • A Hazard No More (GC8MCZT)
  • What’s In a Stream (GC6C28T)
  • Wait, that’s used for what? #1 (GC6BXGD)
  • Something Fishy (GC99F4A)