Bear Creek Greenway Guide

The Bear Creek Greenway Guide was originally published in 1998 and updated last around 2000 before the Bear Creek Greenway was fully completed. In addition to the missing sections, conditions and technology have changed over the 20+ years since the last update. A revision and update to the Guide focusing on creating an app that could be used out on the trail was underway when the Almeda and Central Point fires occurred in 2020, delaying the timeline of the project. We are currently working on an online app that is free for everyone. It's designed to be simple at first, and depending on its success (use), may expand to a more sophisticated app at a later date.


Bear Creek Greenway Guide (last known publication/revision) - Cover, Title Page, and Introduction

Bear Creek Greenway Guide App - Pilot Test (December 2022)

Click on the photo below to go to a live version of the app. We are currently working on reviewing the data points collected (110), adding points missed, and revising descriptions, location names, and the order that the sites appear.