• Rogue River, Lower Table Rock, and Mount McLoughlin.

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What is Stream Smart?

Stream Smart is an educational and volunteer based program that promotes increased awareness of everyday choices and how those choices may impact our local streams and rivers. Simple habit or behavior changes can make a big difference. Stream Smart empowers everyone to do their part to turn our streams from brown to blue – change starts with you!


What We Do

Education and Outreach Programs

Education programs (including Salmon Watch) teach area students about the importance of clean water and healthy watersheds.

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Restoring Local Waterways

Restoring native plants along local streams and the Rogue River and removing invasive species protect waterways and keep streams cool.

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Learn More about the Bear Creek Restoration Initiative (BCRI)

Water Quality Programs

Local communities are working under the Clean Water Act and other programs to improve and protect water quality in local creeks, streams, and rivers.

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Take Action and Success Stories


Help us pick up trash along streams and rivers and in park. Plant a tree. Help us water our restoration projects.

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Visit our Pledge Page to find out how you can help at home.

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Success Stories

Stream Smart partners have been collaborating for many years on a variety of different projects. To learn more about our successes, click on the link below.

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