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  • PRESS RELEASE - Elevated Levels of E. coli Bacteria Found in Parts of Bear Creek in Ashland, Central Point, Medford, and Talent: see: Press Release - Bacteria - 8-8-2022 for information on the locations, potential causes, and actions that people can take to remedy or improve the situation.
  • Medford fire and oil spill poster - Link
  • Stream Smart members are working through the Bear Creek Restoration Initiative to restore the Bear Creek Riparian Corridor including the areas burned in the Almeda and Table Rock fires.
  • To learn more about drinking water and source water protection, visit the Rogue Drinking Water Partners (RDWP) page.
  • Responding to Wildfires.

What We Do

Manage Urban Runoff

Local communities are managing runoff from impervious (hard) surfaces including parking lots, roads, driveways and rooftops to improve local water quality conditions and reducing flooding.

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Restore Local Waterways

Restoring native plants along local streams and the Rogue River and removing invasive species are vital for protecting waterways and keeping streams cool for fish and other aquatic species.

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Education and Outreach

Education program including Salmon Watch teach area students about the importance of clean water and healthy watersheds.

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Help us pick up trash along streams and rivers and in park. Plant a tree. Help us water our restoration projects.

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