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Talent Low-Impact Development (LID) Projects


Bioswale and curb-cuts for West Valley View Round-About

pic 1 - tura roundaboutThis Talent Urban Renewal project manages stormwater runoff from West Valley View Road and other nearby impervious surfaces. The large rocks and vegetation keep soils in place, mitigating sedimentation and pollutants as the waters proceed to Bear Creek. The arrangement of rocks and vegetation provides aesthetic value and acts as a buffer area from motor vehicles, providing for safer walking conditions.

Permeable paving at Chuck Roberts Park

pic 2 - chuck roberts parkThis parking surface has been seeded with grass and is strengthened with recycled plastic reinforcing grids. The porous surface helps rainwater infiltrate the ground before it can pool, gather contaminants and runoff into our creeks. Permeable pavement helps reduce flood potential and the urban heat island effect, they capture pollutants and add aesthetic value. With occasional maintenance, these systems can benefit a community for decades.

Bioswale and curb-cuts at Oregon Shakespeare Festival

pic 3 - osfThe Oregon Shakespeare Festival parking lot is sloped and directs stormwater runoff into the bioswale via curb-cuts. The vegetation, gravel and fiber rolls in the bioswale help stabilize soils, improve the quality and reduce the quantity of waters entering nearby storm drains. This is important because these drains lead to our creeks, where contaminants and turbid water cause harm to fish and other aquatic life.

Stormwater detention pond at Kamerin Springs Park

pic 4 - kamerin springsBehind the trees and pavilion at Kamerin Springs Park lies a 12,000 ft² stormwater detention area. Engineered to have shallow sloping sides, the center contains a 4-5 ft deep pond. The shoreline is planted with wetland vegetation and the outer slopes with prairie vegetation. Stormwater runoff flows from nearby areas into the pond where harmful microbes, sediments, agricultural residuals and contaminants settle and are captured through biological uptake. From there, piped outlets allow treated runoff to enter storm sewers and flow into the creek.

Talent stormwater related ordinances

13-868 Small accessory structures – stormwater drainage cannot flow into neighboring properties
10-857 Hazardous tree removal in wetland and riparian areas – Within setback areas, pertains to removal of vegetation in general
09-851 Design Standards in “Old Town” – eco-roofing potentially prohibited, gutter configuration encourages “round or half-round”
06-801 Storm drain protection – prohibited actions, enforcement & penalties
05-789 System Development Charge for connection to City stormwater system
04-769 Storm Drain Utility
04-752 Flood damage prevention ordinance – alteration or relocation of a natural watercourse is not permitted to mitigate flood hazard
03-749 Nuisances – no animals of any kind shall be allowed to enter any body of water, pet owners and responsibility for removal of excrement, dead trees and debris (fire hazard), dumping refuse, polluting a body of water, cesspools and septic, stagnant water, owner is responsible for constructing a stormwater management system if public system is not available.

Additional resources

If you observe illicit dumping or accidental spillage of anything other than water into the storm drain system, contact Rogue Valley Sewer Services.
Learn how your garden products rank safety-wise, visit the Grow smart, grow safe website.
Interested in growing something native to our region? visit the OSU Extension’s Native Plant Gardening website.
Discover easy ways to responsibly dispose of and recycle hazardous household waste items at Jackson County’s ReDirectory website.
Visit Recology Ashland Sanitary Service for lawn leaf disposal options available to Talent residents.
Many stormwater management Do-It-Yourself projects are fun, inexpensive, easy, and can be quite rewarding in the long run. Check out these DIY Rain Barrel and Rain Garden projects.

Contact us

Please contact Zac Moody, Community Development Director at 541-535-7401 or by email at for more information or visit or

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