Local communities in the Bear Creek Watershed (greater Medford area) and the rest of the Rogue Basin are working together to improve water quality and watershed health for people, wildlife, fish, and other species. Work being completed is being guided by regulations including the Clean Water Act and the Endangered Species Act. The goal of the Clean Water Act is to make all waters fishable and swimmable. Goals of the programs and projects being implemented include improving water quality conditions, maintaining recreational access, protecting riparian areas, providing habitat for fish, aquatic species, pollinators and wildlife, and reducing the impacts of urban runoff (partnered activities with NPDES Phase II Programs).  Creeks and the Rogue River are impaired for temperature and bacteria.

Partners helping us to achieve those goals include local municipalities (Cities and Counties), watershed councils, non governmental organizations (NGOs), businesses, agencies (Federal, State, and Local), the public, schools and funders. Major program funding is provided through the TMDL and NPDES Phase II Stormwater Programs in the Bear Creek watershed and the Rogue Basin.

Bear Creek Communities

Ashland – Partner

Central Point – Partner

Jacksonville – Partner

More information about the City’s programs including implementation activities, maps, photos, and educational link (including our geocaches) can be found on our TMDL information page.

Medford – Partner

Phoenix – Partner

Talent – Partner

Jackson County – Partner

Rogue Basin Communities

Butte Falls

Cave Junction

Eagle Point

Gold Hill

Grants Pass – Partner

Rogue River

Josephine County – Partner