Salmon in the Rogue Basin

Migrating salmon in Larson Creek downstream of Ellendale Dr. photo by Steve Koskella, Oct. 2014
Stream Smart Bear Creek Chinook

Salmon do live in Bear Creek and the Rogue River! You can see them!

Check out a great video of migrating salmon taken in fall 2014 at Coyote Trails Nature Center Medford, courtesy of Cynthia Taylor of Coyote Trails Nature Center!

Starting in October, wild salmon migrate from the ocean to spawn in the watersheds they were born. To see fish, travel the Bear Creek Greenway or access the creek at road crossings and look closely for active fish and surfacing fins in shallow areas, but please do not enter the water which may disturb the fish or their eggs.

Check out this page for recommended locations to see salmon spawning in Bear Creek: Salmon Viewing Locations

“25 lb Bear Creek chinook, 09-10-09”, photo taken by Richard Best, mainstem Bear Creek around downtown Medford in 2009
Stream Smart Bear Creek Chinook
Bear Creek Migrating Salmon photo taken by Alicia Fitzgerald downstream of Oak St. dam
Stream Smart Bear Creek Chinook

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