<b>Rogue River and Table Rocks</b> <b>Salmon spawn in local streams and the Rogue River</b> <b>Close up of a spawning salmonid</b> <b>Learning about stream macroinvertebrates</b> <b>Planting native trees and shrubs to restore streams and the Rogue River</b>

Change Starts with You!

Welcome to the Stream Smart Program.  We need your help to protect local creeks and rivers!

Have you ever wondered how clean our local creeks and the rivers are?  Did you know that there are several species of salmon, including the threatened Coho Salmon, that return throughout the year to spawn in our stream?  Have you ever thought about how choices you make could impact water quality?  Through this website, the Stream Smart Team invites you to learn ways that you can help keep our waters clean, fishable, and swimmable.  Together we can have cool, clean water for life!

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Storm Drain Brochure

Click on the picture to find out more about storm drains!

Find our Geocaches

Learn about Stream Smart practices that are being done in the community. Can you find the following Geocaches:

Wait, that’s used for what? #1 (GC6BXGD)
What’s in a Stream? (GC6C28T)

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“Interesting information. Difficult find…. I always just thought of those things as decorative, but it makes sense that they are designed to be a bit more. Thanks for the cache and the lesson!”

Rain Garden Guide

Salmon Watch Program Summary Fall 2017

Thanks to everyone for making this years Salmon Watch program the most successful program to date since it was re-established in the winter of 2014.

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Streamside – Living along the water

Plant to prevent erosionPlants help protect streambanks and help prevent flooding while removing pollution. Learn how to improve your streambank, by streamside gardening.

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Manage Stormwater

People planting a rain gardenLearn simple and beautiful solutions to manage stormwater runoff, including rain gardens, permeable pavements, and green roofs.

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Even a Business can create a living roofCommercial lots and businesses can also help to reduce pollution; from covering dumpsters to sweeping sidewalks.

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At Home – In the Garden

Raise the height of your lawn mower
Did you know you can help improve soil and water quality through your lawn care and gardening practices? We need your help!

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Auto Care

Properly maintain your vehicle and its fluidsDid you know washing your car can send detergents into the creek? Learn how to safely maintain your car or truck.

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Agriculture and Small Farms

Farm water-conscientiously for the FutureWhether you have a small hobby farm or a large operation, there are many ways Farmers, Ranchers, and Horticulturists can help protect our creeks, rivers, and streams.

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Keep Our Streams Clean and Clear

A locally produced public service announcement on stormwater/urban runoff.

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Water Quality Concerns

To reach the DEQ complaint hotline for Discharge of pollutants (petroleum products, chemicals, soaps, sediment, etc.) directly or indirectly from a specific source into public waters—call the DEQ complaint hotline at 1-888-997-7888 or visit http://www.deq.state.or.us/complaints/rep.htm. Be as specific as possible, especially when it comes to identifying the source.

For other concerns General Water Quality Concern Links